About us

The first simulator company in Thailand.

We are WM SIMULATOR, We are Simulator Master.

About us

WM Simulator Co., Ltd. is the first Thailand integrated developer, designer, manufacturer, and full-service provider including system providing, procurement, counseling as well as maintenance for training simulators such as Flight Training Simulator, Air Traffic Control Simulator, Driving Simulator, and Train Simulator.

There are many solutions to prepare users for handling an unexpected situation or create some scenario which can train those users/pilots to be more prepared and wisely choose the best option for flying an aircraft. Flight simulator is one of the best solutions that could make users receive a realistic experience during a flight training. This proposal will show some idea of what features will be provide for an Airbus 320 Flight Simulator Fixed-Base.

Airbus A320 is the most common planes for a low-cost airline that being uses. Airbus A320 Flight Simulator Fixed-Base will help users familiar with equipment inside the cockpit that would develop variety skills that needed during flight. In addition, the simulator is also a good choice in terms of affordable price and matter-of-fact flight simulation.

Apart from the in-house production and services, we select high quality products from globally authentic suppliers such as software from Presagis, The DiSTI Corporation, Lockheed Martin, Immersaview, and material parts from Cockpitsonic, E2M to provide services to customers such as Royal Thai Air and other flight training schools or institutions in Thailand, for example, Bangkok Aviation Center (BAC), Rangsit University, Assumption University (ABAC), and etc.

Lastly, we will illustrate working procedures and working duration and essential technical details are provided in this proposal for further consideration and approval.